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Post by Heigen5 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 12:38 pm

Think if Reason would always have all it's tracks freezed, but selecting a track would unfreeze that specific track. If you'd make changes to the midi, you'd hit render and while it'd be rendering that track into audio - Reason would STILL play back the midi, til the render is done. After rendering it would switch the track into an audio. So everything would happen on a fly. This would mean that your CPU would not hit more than few bars as everything would be always audio. Minus those tracks that you work on. Probably you'd only have 3-4 tracks max relying on the whole chain and the midi. I call it "super-freeze".

Theoretically this could work like a charm. Somehow I think it would also work in a practice. :twisted:

Additional thinkering about this: So the freeze would happen when you hit "RENDER". So it would render it from the source to the latest device in the Mix channel. Notice that you could change the volume and the pan or any knob/button on the SSL mixer WITHOUT a need to re-render anything. (as these parameters come after the chain). But anyway, it would be an uber-cool optimizing method and make our setups say thank you imo. :)

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