The cat-lovers thread

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The cat-lovers thread

Post by Heigen5 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 2:26 pm

Meet Punnu - A cat that liked to eat a lot and lay out & chill on the couches. He was a male and disappeared when only 2 years old.


Meet Potsu - A female cat that was small in size, loved to sleep on the people's chests, hunted mice by her own and hated when we put her out the house.


Meet Tompu - A male cat, that loved to run in the apartment and hunt bees.


Meet Skidou - A cat that hanged out here in the neighborhood - was a charming malecat and the only cat that I've seen masturbating on my couch.


Meet Pussy - A female blond princess, that liked lots n lots milk and adventures outdoor.

I don't have a cat nowdays anymore, but might maybe get one at some point. More cat-pics soon!

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