The Matrix Revolution - Dj Voltans

The Artist Name: Dj Voltans
The Album Name: The Matrix Revolution
Release Date: 26.08.2020.
Author/s: Heikki Roots
Genre/s: Techno, Electronic
The Album Language/s: English, Estonian
The Price: 14€

The Album Description:

This album is a 15 tracked collection of Techno goodness with some twist of old and new.
We wanted to show how Reason can sound and how to make a special kind of album for
the people, who like Euro-flavored music, with some sugar and salt too.

The album is pretty cool and calm with some drrrrrive and energy. The album name on the other hand,
reminds us about some para-normality on this planet, which Keanu Reeves movies were all about.
Some tracks are about that, but there's also lots of different kind of themes on it.

I'm pretty satisfied, how it all turned out. Cheers!